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How to Choose a Photocopier/Printer for your School in South Africa


A Guide to the best Photocopiers & Managed Print Solutions for Educational Organisations 


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What is a Photocopier/Office Printer Service Level Agreement and how does it work?


South African businesses have an estimated 300 000+ photocopiers and printers on Service Level Agreements also...

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Renting Office Technology in South Africa – Why it’s right for Modern South African Businesses

Rental Finance in relation to office technology: Photocopiers, PABX Systems, CCTV, IT Assets and so on, has...

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United Business/Intervid’s Cape Town Office has Moved!

We are excited to announce that our Cape Town branch recently moved to new offices at the beginning of March...

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Comparing Office Printer Quotes and Service Providers

Assessing office printer quotes for your business can seem like a complicated task. To assist you in making an...

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Mia Telecoms Samsung PABX Platinum Award 2012

 United Business Solutions is proud to announce that Mia Telecommunications the sole authorised distributer...

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CCTV Donation to SPCA Midrand

In August this year, the Midrand SPCA unfortunately experienced an armed robbery wherein a number of items...

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Man3000 Telephone Management System

The Man3000 is a powerful easy to use management telephone information system, it’s reliable, flexible and the...

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Highest Growth Partner of the Year

Cathexis Africa, a market leader and award winning innovator in CCTV surveillance, announced the Partner of...

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