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Energy Efficient Photocopiers

Posted by Admin on Mar 3, 2020 12:16:33 AM
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If all of the copiers sold in South Africa were set to the new energy efficient Eco modes and set to automatically print in duplex, the amount of paper used could be reduced by more than 200 billion sheets and save tens of millions of rands in electricity usage. This adds up to a savings of 1 million tons of paper, enough to save an estimated 20 million trees.

However often as individuals we feel as though small changes towards becoming environmentally savvy will not make a significant difference, we ask questions such as, why should I switch to energy efficient photocopiers? What benefit does it offer for my business? Why should I incur an added cost while the company next door is still using energy draining machines?

The answer is simple in due course energy efficient photocopiers will bring a considerable savings to your business both financially and environmentally regardless of the initial costs which today are on par with standard office copiers.

Our Team at United Business has developed a five principle concept that provides a framework purchasers can use to make environmentally preferable purchases.

1.       How much Electricity is your current machine using?

2.       Are you using a Multi-Functional Photocopier?

3.       Does your machine have a duplexing unit?

4.       Have you checked your product’s environmental credentials?

5.       What options do you have when choosing the best energy efficient copier on the market?

Answering these principles will help you start the process of choosing a better environmentally friendly Office automation option for your business.. United Business Solutions is able to assist with this and help you implement action into “Greening” your office. Contact Us today and take advantage of the knowledge and information we are able to share with you on becoming an energy efficient business.

In the meantime and until we hear from you, we leave you with these 5 simple ways your employees can help save energy at the office;

1.       Make everyone aware; it’s amazing how quickly people get into bad habits. Making sure that everyone in the workplace only uses use the office automoation equipment when necessary.

2.       Switching Photocopiers off; Everybody in the office should make sure to check that all copiers and any other non-essential machines are turned to standby before leaving the office

3.       Check display before you print; examine the graphic display carefully and only press the green button when you’re confident of the result.

4.       Know the document handler; when placing your document in the document handler, ensure it is the correct way up.

5.       Recycle; a great way for workplaces to limit their environmental impact and save energy is to recycle



"Employees who say they have the opportunity to make a direct social and environmental impact through their job report higher satisfaction levels than those who don't. In fact, employees who say they can make an impact while on the job report greater satisfaction than those who can't by a 2:1 ratio." - What Workers Want in 2012 Survey


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