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Document and Print Management Software Solutions for South African Businesses.

Posted by Casslan Paul on Feb 17, 2024 10:08:00 PM


We look at three of the most popular Print and Document Management Software Solutions on the market in Southern Africa.


Discover how intelligent software solutions like Therefore™, UniFlow, Printanista and more can vastly improve your document workflows and streamline your business processes. Adding happier customers to your business and drastically reducing costs throughout the organisation. 

Boosting Efficiency with Document Management and Process Automation with 

In today's fast-paced business environment, efficiency is key to success. United Business Solutions offers a range of software solutions aimed at boosting efficiency in document management and process automation. By implementing software such as Therefore™, businesses can spend less time on document and device administration and more time focusing on core activities. Therefore™ enables the creation of a central database on your own server to capture and store documents and information, streamlining content management workflows.

Additionally, the powerful Therefore™ workflow engine brings structure and automation to core business processes, increasing organisation efficiency and accuracy of operation. With features like the Content Connector, businesses can automate the incoming information flow, saving and indexing information from various sources such as watched folders, email inboxes, and cloud storage accounts.

Therefore works across Electronic and Paper documents as well as E-Forms, data is feed into the system where sophisticated workflows, native integrations into Microsoft Teams, ensure that Therefore™ data is available at your fingertips and feeds into those locations you are working in. 

Access and Enhance Documents with Additional Information, process workflow related tasks without leaving the Therefore App. Easily filter through your data with dynamic filters, enabling quick and efficient review of information. Integrate with document download providers using the Therefore Content Connector to monitor and grab documents as they appear. 



Transforming Business Processes with Therefore™ Workflow Automation

Therefore™ is not just a document management software; it is a tool for transforming business processes. By implementing Therefore™ workflow automation, organizations can streamline how they manage and share business documents. The workflow engine ensures that tasks are efficiently allocated and completed, reducing the likelihood of missing deadlines or overlooking important activities.

Moreover, Therefore™ Online offers the flexibility of a cloud-based document management solution, providing enterprise-grade content management and efficient document workflows. This agile cloud platform is fully managed and scalable, making it a hassle-free option for organizations looking to optimize their document management processes.




Maximizing Productivity with uniFLOW Printing and Scanning Solutions

Printing and scanning workflows are still essential components of many businesses, and maximizing productivity in these areas is crucial. With uniFLOW, organizations can manage all their printing and scanning workflows and devices through a single integrated software solution. This intuitive platform allows businesses to print from anywhere to any device, freeing them from printing and scanning restrictions.

uniFLOW also prioritizes document security, ensuring that information is kept secure through powerful user authentication measures. By accurately tracking print, scan, and copy expenses, uniFLOW helps businesses control costs and eliminate unnecessary printing. The platform's smart features, such as job routing, further enhance productivity by directing jobs to the best device for optimal efficiency and lowest cost per print. United Business works with uniFLOW and our customers to implement the solution seamlessly with existing or new equipment. 



Optimizing Managed Print Services with Printanista Software

For organisations offering managed print services, optimising workflows and data collection is essential. Printanista Managed Print Service Software from ECI combines industry-leading solutions to provide critical printing data from major manufacturers in one location. By streamlining managed print services offerings, Printanista enables businesses to improve their printing processes and make data-driven decisions.

Businesses currently utilising FMAudit, PrintFleet, or Print Audit can seamlessly transition to leveraging Printanista's comprehensive software solution. This will not only enhance managed print services but also drive greater efficiency in printing operations, offering all the features of those programs and more.

Printanista is Included free of charge for all United Business Solutions customers to remove the headache of meter readings consumables alerts and more.



Empowering Business Efficiency with Comprehensive Software Solutions

United Business Solutions provides a range of software solutions aimed at empowering business efficiency. From document management and process automation with Therefore™ to printing and scanning solutions with uniFLOW, businesses can leverage these comprehensive software tools to streamline their operations and boost productivity.

By adopting software like Therefore™, businesses can transform their workflows, automate processes, and enhance the efficiency of their operations. With Printanista Software, organizations can optimize their managed print services offerings and make informed decisions based on critical printing data.


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